The hybrid bicycle (also called touring bike, trekking bike or city bike) has only recently come on the market and is very similar to a racing bicycle.

city bikeThe main differences are angled-back handlebars, a stronger frame and a triple front crank.
Tyres are 700 sized but have a slightly wider diameter.
A lot of cycling tourists like hybrid bikes best because they allow the riders to carry some luggage and are more comfortable than other kinds of bikes if you have to travel long distances.

Moreover, the triple crank is very good to climb uphill and makes you recover when you are tired.

Features coming from mountain bikes:

Features coming from racing bikes:

Wheels: the wheels of hybrid bikes have the characteristics both of the mountain and the racing bikes. A wider diameter provides greater and long-lasting balance and the higher pressure is the same as racing bikes. Rims and spokes are light because this type of wheel isn’t likely to be used on unpaved roads.

Frame: most hybrid bikes are made of steel or light aluminium because of the durability and the low price of these materials.

Handlebars: the handlebars of hybrid bikes are as flat as the ones of mountain bikes. They allow the rider an upright posture so as to have a better vision and a better check of his bike.

Gears: hybrid bikes have got a wide range of gears which enable the rider both to climb uphill and to travel along flat roads. This type of bike has usually got from 16 to 27 gears.

Pedals: pedals mounted on this bike are generally standard and without attachments. As these bikes are designed for rides through relatively flat urban areas or for cycling tourists, one can easily get on/off them. If you mount clipless pedals it’ll give more power to pedalling .

You can purchase a good quality model starting from 400-500 € by now; there are also step-through frame bicycles with a low crossbar which are suitable for women.