You can take a lot of advantages if you choose a bike as your means of transport because it’s very versatile, ecological, cheap, comfortable and healthy.
A bike is the perfect way to travel in town, to commute to work, to keep fit, to relax, to enjoy landscapes and to make ecological and naturalistic tours.

- Comfort and speed:

bike Vs carThe most common opinion is that car is a comfortable and fast means of transport that allows us to move quickly and be free in our movements. Actually it’s easy to realize how this opinion is wrong.
According to a recent research carried out by Anci (Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani, that is National Association of Italian Municipalities), a roman citizen spends 74 minutes a day in his car and the average speed of a car in Rome is 22km/h.
In addition, several researches show that car is slower than bike in case of urban routes which are less than 5 km long.

- Cost:

bikes have no additional costs and taxes, differently from cars; no car tax, no insurance, no petrol and only a little maintenance! On the contrary, a car costs about 4000 euros per year, according to recent researches.

- Health:

pedalling (even a few minutes a day) will improve your health and make your muscles, heart and lungs more efficient and stronger. This will help to avoid deseases and cardiac troubles, too.

bike ride- Fun:

Once you overcome the idea that pedalling is too hard, you’ll realize how pleasant and gratifying is when you pay attention to landscapes and to the sounds you can’t normally hear while driving a car. In the following pages we’re going to deal with the bike and its main features.


1) Bicycle types:

- Racing bikes
- Mountain bikes
- Hybrid bikes

2) The techniques of Cycle training

3) The main points of sports nutrition

4) The main points of bike maintenance

5) The accessories necessary for your bike.