bike accessoriesCycling, like any special field, allows you to spend a lot of money.
As there are newer and newer products and gadgets brought out every day and each of them seems to be unique and necessary, you should pay a lot of attention and choose carefully anything you really need.Now we are going to list some bike accessories we think to be really useful to a rider and mostly to a cycling tourist:




bike helmet


Helmet: it’s undoubtedly the main accessory for cycling. The latest models are very light and very well ventilated so as to be comfortable and loose-fitting, but it’s necessary to purchase the right size and wear it in the correct way. A good helmet can cost less than 50 euros.



bike lights

Lights: this is another, necessary accessory for your safety. If you occasionally ride at night, mount a front light so as to illuminate the way forward and a rear flashlight so as to be seen by cars.



cycling gloves

Gloves: it’s an important accessory both in winter and in summer. Gloves keep your hands warm in winter, make the grip on handlebars safer, protect your hands if you fall and damp down road shocks transmitted by handlebars (provided they are good quality gloves!).


sports glasses


Sports glasses: they are accessories aimed at protection, too. They protect eyes from wind and dust and are a very good means to avoid debris and scratches coming from blackberry bushes and branches while on off-road pathways.


cycling shoes

Cycling shoes: shoes with attachments are a very good accessory if you want to transfer pedalling power to the rear wheel.

There are two main kinds:

1) cycling shoes with “Look” attachments guarantee very good performance but make them unsuitable for walking;
2) cycling shoes with Spd attachments are the best compromise between performance and comfort. The latter shoes have much smaller attachments than the “look” ones and a recessed cleat inside the sole which allows the cyclist both to achieve good performance and to be enabled to get off the bike and walk a short way easily enough.

water bottlessWater bottles, water carriers and drinking accessories:
the water bottle is almost a symbol for cyclists and is a necessary accessory for all those who practice this sport.
In addition to usual plastic water bottles (very cheap indeed but tending to heat drinks in summer and cool them in winter) there are aluminium water bottles with a special insulation that makes them suitable to keep the temperature of drinks.

Main accessories for cycle training:

CyclocomputerCyclocomputer: on the market there are a lot of cyclocomputers of any kinds, costs and performance measurements.
Even basic models you can find in any cycling shop at very low prices will show you the total and partial distance travelled, the average and maximum speed and the current training time.

Some very expensive and advanced models may also display the average altimetric trip, altitude, heart rate, pedalling cadence and even GPS navigation.


Heart rate monitorHeart rate monitor: this is probably the most common and useful cycling accessory in order to check and arrange your own training.
Basic models have a chest strap transmitter and a receiver which can be either a wrist watch or a cyclocomputer.


Repair tool kits:

both in daily and longer trips some accessories are absolutely necessary , such as an inner tube, a set of tyre levers, a pump, some adjustable spanners and Allen wrenches in order to set handlebars and saddle.

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